These were my initial thoughts after reviewing the brand guidelines and talking to you on Zoom.

First and foremost I noticed the brand is very tight, clean and simple. All of which I want to bring to the label, but also throwing in some interesting visuals.

I liked the brand green palettes since the beer will be an IPA. Hops = Green.  The examples shown utilize a gradient between VerticalIQs dark and light green. This makes the label more visual interesting than a solid color.

I felt the angled Morse code fit the can label very well vs the vertical or horizontal. I believe I mentioned the use of foil for the label - making these dots and dashes foil and the background matte would create a nice cascade of shine as you rotate the can. Both the angle and foil initiate rotation which brings you to the QR code which prompts you to engage further. (the phrasing here is just something I thought was fun, it can be changed to something more appropriate or on-brand (copy writing in hard!)

Last thing to point out is Trophy's involvement. Right now I have their logo where the barcode would normally go. This pays homage to the contents of the can but also keeps it with the other compliance info, giving VerticalIQ imagery more real estate. Nt. Wt. and ABV will also need to be applied but that can be something that can be integrated into the final chosen direction.

Here I have the Morse code in the brand Gold. This would work very well with the foil!

Here is a little animation to better show how the foil areas could work.

Below is the same concept except the Morse code is a reverse green gradient. This could be cool when the gradients meed in the middle they will be the same hue, which would be boring if we didn't use the foil. But with the foil, the seemingly blank areas will still shine (shimmer) when the can is moved around or has light shone on it.
Looking at it now, as I type this, I might have made the type around the QR code Gold to mimic the front...

This mockup has a simulated "shine" on the foil highlights.

This GIF shows well how the matte and foil areas interact. Actual can would be mush more subtle.

We also thought it might be nice to incorporate a little of our primary blue into the design - maybe instead of the yellow font try an option with the blue?
Another idea was to have the logo in white against the darker green or against the blue if you integrate that color into the design
Also, we are going to create a version of the QR code that incorporates a little blue and the VIQ logo. We can get that created and share that back with you as an image to place in the design.

1. I first wanted to illustrate what poor contrast the blue has on the green.

2. Here I stuck with the preferred background and "morse" colors but utilized a square container to introduce the brand blue and highlight the logo and name.
3. Same as above but using a circle rather than the square. Not as "on-brand" as the square (via the guidelines), but it can be seen as mimicking the morse code.
4. Introducing the brand blue via the background.

4. A combination of all. We get blue present throughout with interesting containers.

5. Variation of 4

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